Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ghost hunting equipment

For years there has been all kinds of equipment used from dowsing rods to compasses. Electromagnetic field detectors is a new wave for the all the ghost hunters to have something in there pocket to instantly find the ghost but with all the equipment on the market today the best equipment you can have is a open mind . My belief is all human beings have that sixth sense like all other animals on this earth have. We just don't develop it because of technology and so much going on around us that we has a race fail to develop this sense. I believe that we as human beings if we would open your mind and start feeling our surroundings, we would be more in tune with our surroundings and the paranormal if that makes sense to you. I'm not saying that is not right to use equipment but to use your mind and body with the equipment in total harmony these paranormal experiences will be more prevalent often and we can help solve the mystery of the afterlife. This sounds easy but yet it's hard to get our everyday life its ups and downs to be blocked out of your mind while your own a paranormal hunt. The key that I have found I do this through meditation I have my favorite song of course it's AC DC hells bells I listen to this and I try to clear my mind so I will be more receptive on a hunt. You will have to find your niche of what works for you but I promise you a lot of paranormal events can happen in your life if you are more in tune and listen, look , smell and feel , if you do these things in harmony with your equipment then you will be successful in your ghost hunting. I use EMF detectors how use audio equipment digital recorders digtal cameras,I use mp3 recorders I use video cameras infra red and I use the audio from them also. I also  dowsing rods I  use compasses I use motion Lights. we use a flashlight to get responses but unscrewing the top of the flashlight and letting it barely touch the battery put it on the stable device like a table do not let anyone move or bump and start asking questions of the Spirit see if you can make it blink the light so many times ask it questions give it numbers to give like  2 blinks for yes one long Blink for No. Just work with it these are spirits that was people once. And don't forget this if the spirit starts cussing trying to hurt somebody chances are that is a demonic spirit so close out your equipment and leave it alone. I start with a prayer and close with a prayer you command these things to stay where they are and not follow you and your team home. Do not use a Ouija boards in my personal opinion that is a devil's gateway. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think be nice and happy hunting!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Getting started

Started out at a young age Ghosthunting  and now i'm 50yrs old and just getting started lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Robertson House

Ghostly Encounters Investigations or GEI ,just finished a investigation in Tracy City ,Tn @ The Robertson House.Wow !! Got some real good audio 'EVPs ' that is and we will displaying those asap on our FB and website  ( Ghostly Encounters investigations.com ) We are working on a TV venture ?? hopefully things work out so i can announce it before i burst lol.
                          Have a Great Evening,  Dale

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Well i got  the chance to speak at "GHOST HUNT WEEKENDS " Event ,this past sat night Aug,24th 2013 ,started with sign up @ 6pm .dinner at 7 which me and my wife Sudonna got to dine with the crew ,which was very cool ! We got The chance to meet a lot of fellow ghosthunters from all around .Tn,Ala,Indiana,Maine ,Ga,Fl ,ETC you get it everywhere..We had a blast !! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=563736703663404&set=a.274394399264304.57055.274361069267637&type=1&theater

Sunday, August 18, 2013

http://www.ghosthuntweekends.com/ghw/tracy_city.html is a organization that has come along way from conception.. They have been a driving force in a many starter ghosthunters,well start !! I have the honor of being a Guest speaker @ this Tracy City event.Not to toot my own Horn but myself and my" Ghostly Encounters Investigations "( GEI )Team have been conducting Ghosthunts in and around Grundy County for years and  My wife & myself have been at this for well over 27yrs and i have been at it for i'll say over 30 yrs cause over 40 tells how old i am lol .we are stoked about having the oppritunity to be involved in this event. so come on out my little ghosthunters and lets shake some ghost trees ..